StoneRidge Treatment & Recovery - Mental Health & Drug Rehab in Arizona (2023)

Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

StoneRidge utilizes a multifaceted approach that helps our patients overcome both mental health and addiction challenges. We offer brain-centered care at tiered levels of treatment depending on patient needs, including an inpatient stabilization program, daily outpatient programming, partial day programming, and an evening option to help you find balance with life obligations.

StoneRidge is now a Certified TRICARE/TriWest Provider

Treatment for Every Phase

We understand the importance of delivering ethical, compassionate care in times of need.

Flex (Outpatient)

Outpatient Program


TMS, Ketamine & Neurofeedback

(Video) Overview of The Meadows: Treatment for Addiction, Trauma, and Mental Health Issues

Restart (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Program



TMS, Ketamine & Neurofeedback

Reclaim (PHP)

(Video) Welcome to Futures Recovery Healthcare




TMS, Ketamine & Neurofeedback


Medically Monitored Detox & Mental Health Stabilization Program



TMS, Ketamine & Neurofeedback

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Neuro+ plus

TMS, Ketamine & Neurofeedback

Brain-focused treatment that sets us apart.

StoneRidge offers what few other practices provide – innovative, scientifically proven, and research-backed therapeutic options. From Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to Brain Mapping, our treatment combines trusted practices with modern approaches, ensuring our patients receive the best all-around care.

(Video) Court Ordered Evaluation/ Court Ordered Treatment Training Presentation

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We serve patients at all stages of recovery, from those experiencing an acute mental health crisis to those seeking long-term support. Through best-practice behavioral and cognitive treatment, we are able to help patients regain stability and return to their everyday lives faster. Helping you live life and not just survive it is what we do best.

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From inpatient treatment to outpatient care, we help patients struggling with addiction find long-term recovery. We believe in treating the addicted brain through comprehensive, research-based treatment that goes beyond typical addiction treatment.

(Video) The Truth About Therapy ft. Lori Gottlieb

What Our Patients Are Saying

"Stoneridge saved my life! I am so grateful they are located here in Prescott Valley, AZ. Dr. Collins is a wonderful person!"

Sarah W.

"Stoneridge has helped save me from my addiction. Dr. Collins got me on the right medications and also made me a better person!"

Andrew C.

"I do not know if I would have survived without Stoneridge. I now am clean with a beautiful daughter and have a happy life."

Sara M.


(Video) The Dual Diagnosis of Substance Use and Behavioral Health Conditions



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