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As recruiters, our role is to assist you in finding a new job. We have a responsibility and commitment to our candidates and clients, to assist both to the best of their ability. So, when that initial phone conversation takes place, it’s important to keep in mind that we’re here to help.

This article will hopefully give you a betteridea of what to expect from your first conversation with a recruiter and how to get the most from an initial call.

Recruiters are here to help

When you get an initial call from a recruiter, view it as an opportunity to make a great first impression and a step closer to getting your next role. At the end of the day, we’re here you help you find your next ideal position, we genuinely want to help. Therefore it’s best to be open and honest in your conversation with a recruiter. Also, try to remember that we speak to numerous candidates per day about various roles, so we are going to remember candidates who give us a reason to remember them.

It can go one of two ways – call or be called

It sounds obvious but there are two ways you can have a chat with a recruiter. Either you call them because you’re actively looking and want to explore how a specialist agency can assist you. Or they will call you, as they’ve found your CV and believe you could be a good fit for a role they’re currently recruiting for. Either way, use this time effectively, be engaging and ask good questions, and you will be top of mind for relevant roles that the agency is working on.

Being called by a recruiter

This will mean that the recruiterbelieves you are suitable for a rolethey’re currently working on, or that you have a strong CV and they want to have a chat about your career path. Although it’s difficult to prepare for a call out of the blue, it is worth reviewing your CV and experience when looking for a job. This will ensure that you are well prepared and can make the most out of the call when it happens. Recruiters will ask what you sort of opportunity you’re looking for, your previous experience, your salary range and whether you’re currently employed or not. Don’t be afraid of selling your competencies and going into detail about your experience. The more you share with the recruiter, the more confident they will be about putting you forward for roles.

Calling them

Recruiters will be working on roles that aren’t advertised on job boards so you’re essentially expanding your search by calling them. Before you call, be sure to identify what it is you’d like to get out of the call and how you can differentiate yourself. Preferably the recruiter would already be working on a role that is a great fit and something you can be put forward for.

If not, make it clear what you’re looking for. You can also ask for feedback on your CV, ask about the current state of the market and build rapport with the recruiter. Relationship building is a two-way street and developing a professional relationship with a recruiter can have long term benefits.

If you have a specific role in mind – what can you do to prove you’re the ideal candidate:

  • Show that you have a genuine interest in the role – knowing that you have the relevant skills and experience for a role is one thing, but being enthusiastic about the role and the company can set you apart from other candidates
  • Outline how your previous experience links to the requirements of the role – making clear links between what you have done in the past and how it is similar to the role you wish to apply for, can cement your suitability in the recruiter’s mind
  • Be friendly and receptive –ultimately the recruiter will be selling you into the company, if you’ve made a good impression and have had a pleasant and professional conversation, it can make all the difference

Take home message

Recruiters can make your job search so much easier and just like an interview with a company, the first impression you make is going to be important. Building a relationship with a recruiter and keeping in touch with them, can reap rewards later in your career. They will be more than happy to help you out and hopefully assist you in securing your ideal next role.

Author:Decland Wren

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